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When must an IEP team meet?

In MA, all IEPs for students age 14 and older are required to include transition goals and objectives. These are worked on as a coordinated set of activities between agencies (e.g. Mass Rehab, Mass Commission for the Blind, Department of Mental Health, Department of Developmental Services), the child's school district, parents, and sometimes programs offered by nonprofits (e.g. Easter Seals College Navigator Program, Center for Living and Working). According to §300.320(b), if one of the participating agencies "fails to provide the transition services described in the IEP in accordance with §300.320(b), the public agency (aka school district) must reconvene the IEP Team to identify alternative strategies to meet the transition objectives for the child set out in the IEP."

If your child is at least age 14 or older (in MA it's 14, federally its 16) does not have transition goals and objectives, or these don't identify the who, what, when, where, and how these will be implemented, or if these services are not being delivered, send a letter (in a manner which provides you confirmation of delivery) to your school district requesting that the IEP team be reconvened immediately. You can cite this code section if it applies to your situation.

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