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ESY Decision Deadlines

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

If you’ve been convinced to wait until “the Spring” (March/April) to address extended school year (ESY), you’ve waived a right.

ESY data (including your own from private evaluators or home/community/recreation data) is required to be reviewed and the decision make about providing it during the annual IEP meeting. Yup - the annual!

The IEP development process is not complete without this decision point. You have a partial IEP otherwise.

ESY must be considered early enough to enable the parents the ability to investigate, apply to, be accepted at, and unilaterally place at an ESY program of their choice AND to compete due process before ESY starts.

Making an ESY decision in March or April deprives you of this right due to how quickly slots fill in programs. Act now! If you don’t have ESY in your IEP call an IEP meeting now.

The IEP team can always reconvene at a later date to reconsider ESY if more information becomes available.

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