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Educating and Empowering

"Your knowledge of all things special education never ceases to amaze me!"

"You really went above and beyond! I appreciate your knowledge, honesty and support!"

"Thank you so much for the abundance of invaluable information!!!"

"I've learned so much from your posts and have passed what I learn along, so thank you for all you are doing!"

"Literally everything one needs to know! You've taught me a lot about this process and gave me all the tools necessary to carry on in the right direction."

"Cyndi is a leading force in our local community as well as in the global community when it comes to advocating for those with different talents and educating those who support and work with these communities."

“She helped me to formulate questions for the IEP team and guided me along with the writing of my first rejection letter. Cynthia is a strong, knowledgeable, and thorough resource for the special education community.”

​"I love your tips by the way.  I've shared your site with so many people here.  I appreciate all you do.  Quite possibly one of the most useful things that shows up in my feed."

"This might sound hyperbolic, but Cynthia Moore saved our family. At least, it feels that way. Cynthia helped us navigate the special education system, which was just too much for us to handle while also dealing with special needs parenting, work, and keeping our family afloat. After years of crisis and poor outcomes for our child, Cynthia helped us identify the appropriate next step (a residential placement), and evaluate potential programs. She knew how to go about approaching our school district to secure our child the educational program he needed and deserved—and throughout the process, she helped us to better understand our rights, and the workings of the system. With Cynthia's help we avoided the need for legal action, and we maintain a good working relationship with our SPED Director. More recently, she worked with us on transition planning—and we feel confident our son is headed in the right direction. So does he! No question about it: Cynthia Moore is the real deal."

"Cynthia's inquisitive nature leads her to continuously deepen her understanding of the information needed to determine the needs of individuals served, educational systems and processes, and special education law. My family has benefited greatly from her knowledge, negotiation skills, and her passion for ensuring that individuals are afforded their rights. I am eternally grateful for the breadth of knowledge related to our rights, the special education process, due process options, and her diplomacy in advocacy during some difficult discussions. With her persistence and assistance, my child was finally placed appropriately. She was able to provide invaluable insight in determining priorities, obtaining evaluations to identify individual needs, and how to best work with multiple teams to insist that the teams operate within the parameters defined by special education law."

“The special education process is often frustrating, expensive, and parents often feel consumed, overwhelmed, and confused with the information that is given to them by the schools. Cynthia takes the time and care with these parents, who might otherwise be misdirected, so they can take the needed steps to ensure that their child’s educational needs are met. She has an incredible amount of information in her head. Her ability to empower others with information is inspiring. She drives me to question and to expect more from the district and not to just accept what they offer. She has taught me so much when reviewing the IEP. She helped me to dissect the IEP page by page. She pointed out the weak and vague areas, what was missing, and what was not measurable.”

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