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Consultation, Coaching, or Strategy Development
Consultation and Coaching

This service is designed to meet the needs of individuals and organization who require general guidance, education, coaching, or assistance with resourcing or problem solving immediate hurdles. This service can also be utilized to evaluate and provide input on the strategy of action under consideration. These sessions are customized to fit your immediate needs and seek to empower you to be your own best advocate. Upon receipt of a booking, I will contact you to set up a mutually convenient time, date, location to meet or if you prefer, a phone conference. 

90 minutes of 1:1 Consultation and Coaching for $150

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Strategy Development

This service is designed to meet the needs of individuals and organization who require support to develop a strategy to address their current challenges. The client identifies and communicates their top 3 priority concerns and provides the materials requested for review. The first 90 minutes of this effort are thus spent prior to the in-person reviewing the client materials, gathering relevant information and/or resources for the client to utilize to address the concerns, and documenting any other issues which may be inadvertently discovered during this preparation activity. The final 90 minutes of this effort is spent 1:1 reviewing the results of the analysis, options for moving forward, and discussing how to implement the selected strategy. Upon receipt of a booking, I will contact you to gather information regarding your top 3 concerns, provide instructions on where to forward materials, and to set up a mutually convenient time, date, location to meet. The timeline is dependent on timely receipt of the requested materials.

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3 hours of Strategy Development Activities

for $300

Deposits are non-refundable and due in advance of service. 

The “Client” is defined as the individual who reserves the consultation. The Client agree to hold harmless and indemnify Cynthia Moore from any and all liability see or unforeseen including but not limited to any claims arising from the adult or minor child as well as any custodial or noncustodial parental or guardian(s). 

All parties acknowledge that Cynthia Moore is not an attorney, does not engage in the practice of law, is not providing legal advice on this website or in any form of communication, and although is a highly experience advocate, is not held out as an expert in the field of educational evaluation, psychology, behavioral sciences, law or medicine. Further, it is acknowledged that advocacy relationships and consultations such as that provided by Cynthia Moore are generally not protected by legal privilege. Some rulings have conferred privilege to such interactions when undertaken in the course of due process action or representation. This consultation is not part of due process representation. The Client agrees and understands that there is no guarantee of any kind implied or explicitly stated in the delivery of said services or on the outcome of executing options discussed during consultation. Records are in general destroyed one year from service end date or sooner at discretion of Cynthia Moore.

Client agrees to pay all expenses, including but not limited to the current consultation hourly rate and legal fees for representation if such becomes necessary if due process or any other types of legal action arise to which Cynthia Moore is called upon to prepare for, respond to, testify within, or become involved in at any capacity. These amounts shall also be paid upon demand, and when necessary as determined by Cynthia Moore, directly to third parties. If an outstanding balance arises due to unforeseen circumstances such result in an interest rate of 2% per month to be incurred for plus the hourly consultation fee rate for time spent on pursuing bill payment and, or, collection. These amounts continue to be payable immediately by the Client. 


Those seeking support in areas in excess of 30 minutes for my travel time will be given the option to either obtain services via a conference call or to join me at a location within this radius which in general covers the Metro West are of Greater Boston.

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