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Together we are formidable, alone vulnerable.

Below are highlights of the systemic advocacy

I have engaged in improving

the world of special education for all families. 

Getting the Right IDEA.png

Year Long Investigation

Plant a seed and a tree will grow! In September 2020, I had the privilege on behalf of SPaN, to act as the sponsor of a year-long law school project which uncovered the systemic barriers preventing educational justice.  

Getting-the-Right-IDEA-Striving-for-Educational-Justice-in-Massachusetts.pdf ( 


I fed and watered that seed by investigating the lack of policies and procedures across all districts in the state and by encouraging the community at large to engage in systemic advocacy. Thank you to Ben Tobin for all the behind-the-scenes work and to the people who want to remain anonymous. Many hands make light work! And today this seed has grown into a tree that is now bearing fruit in the form of a Federal review of the state's (non)compliance.


But, the work isn't over. Stay tuned for more updates!

Tree Roots_edited.jpg
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