Have you tried time and again to obtain an individual education plan (IEP) but been offered a 504 plan or nothing instead?


Do you wonder why some parents seem to have wonderful 504 or IEPs for their children and you are stuck in the cycle of request followed by denial?

Do you believe that your team doesn't see your child's potential the way you do or perhaps that you aren't allowed to meaningfully participate in discussions during meetings?


Are you looking for a way to change these things?

I believe that everyone can be educated and empowered to be their own best advocate. For years I have been helping parents, advocates, and organizations to help themselves with my Facebook page "Advocate Tip of the Day" and now in recognition of those who need more, I am offering my direct support in a consultation model of service. The barriers that prevent success are often surmountable by walking your path with a limited amount of coaching and support.

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